Note: You will have to have setup your URL manager under Preferences in order to complete this article.

Open up a browser and type in and click ‘LOG IN’ button.

Click the ‘Log In for Publishers’ button

Enter your Publisher login and password and hit ‘SIGN IN’.

Click ‘CAMPAIGNS’ and select ‘ORDERS’. Then click CREATE NEW ORDER button.

Type in the Name of your order. This is usually the name of your newsletter. Next select your ESP from the drop down. Then choose the campaign type. Public or Private or Both. Click the (?) to learn more about these options. Then click ‘CREATE ORDER’. Note: If you don't see your ESP please contact us to add your ESP. 

You will see a pop up ‘Order created successfully’. Next you will need to click NEW AD UNIT. 

A popup will be displayed for your NEW AD UNIT. 

Here you will define your AD UNIT. First you will want to name your AD UNIT. You can use a name to help you distinguish your AD UNIT. i.e Top Banner.

Then you will choose the Unit Type. We offer Display Ads and Native Ads. For this article we will go over Display Ads. If you want to learn more about Native Ad Tags click here

Next you will need to define your Unit Domain. If this is blank this means you have not setup your URL manager yet and you will need to do so in order to continue.
This is located under Preferences - URL Manager. We offer some help articles on adding urls to your URL Manager and why do you need to setup Cnames.

Next choose your banner size. These will differ depending on if you chose Display Banners or Native Banners. 

Display Banner sizes:

 After you fill out the required info click Save and Get Code. Copy the code inside the box and place this in your HTML Editor within your newsletter. 

Lastly you will want to copy the code under Optimization Tag. You can use the ADD TO CLIPBOARD button to copy the code and paste this into your newsletter. Make sure to select your domain from the drop down before copying the code. If your ESP offers Encrypted email you can select that checkbox as well. If you are unsure, then leave this unchecked. Place this code in the footer of your email.

That wasn't so hard was it? If you have any questions please let us know. We are here to help.

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