You will need to setup your URLs with your DNS hosting company before following these steps.

Login to your Admailr panel and go to Preferences - URL Manager. 

Choose the ADD Domain button on this page. 

You will then see a popup with the following 3 fields in it.
Ads Domain: here you will enter ads.adm.yourdomainname
Sm Domain: here you will enter sm.adm.yourdomainname
Sm1 Domain: here you will enter sm1.adm.yourdomainname

Note: If you have not created the cnames listed above you will need to do so. We have listed some articles based on some popular DNS hosting companies that will walk you through setting up your CNAME's for the URL manager. 

Choose Save to complete this step. Once you are done you will see your line item added to the URL Manager page with your CNAME entries in it. 

Thats it! You're done. That wasn't so hard was it? Let us know if you have any questions. 

Here are some articles referencing how to setup URL manager from different DNS hosting providers.
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Why do I need to setup a CNAME?

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