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How to Create a Display Ad Campaign
How to Create a Display Ad Campaign

In this article you will learn how to create display ad campaign.

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From the dashboard click the 'CREATE CAMPAIGN' button. You can also create a new ad campaign under the MANAGE section part. 

Below we will discuss following the 7 steps of the campaign wizard.

Step 1. Start your Campaign

Enter the required info for your Advertiser Name, Campaign Name and Visibility and click 'CREATE' button to continue.

Advertiser Name is your company name if you are the Ad Agency or it could be the name of the Advertiser. Campaign Name could be something related to your AD Campaign you will be running through. Use a unique name so its easy for you to find if you need to search for it. 


Public visibility means your ads will be available to all Admailr Publishers. 

Private visibility means your ads will only be available to you in the Private Marketplace. This is useful when you are managing your own ad deals with your own newsletters or newsletters you manage. 

Display Ads- These are display ads (banners ads) and will be shown in the public marketplace. It will be available to all Admailr Publishers. These come in traditional banners sizes like 728x90, 160x600 and 300x250. (Others may be available as well)

Native Ads - These are ads that are more integrated into the story of your newsletter. These are not your traditional banner ads. These are story ads. They are an image with a title associated to it.

Step 2. Choosing Ad Categories

Choose the best categories that are relevant to your ad campaign and click 'NEXT' to continue. You are limited to a maximum of 5 categories. 1 is usually sufficient. 

Step 3. Targeting 

As an advertiser you have the ability to add tag based devices and geo location. (GEO locations are frequently updated as we onboard additional publishers) After setting this up you click 'NEXT' to continue. 

Step 4. Choose Keywords

Enter up to 5 keywords that are most relevant to your ad campaign. When done click the 'NEXT' button

Step 5. Uploading Your Ad Banner. 

First select your banner size from the supported sizes in the drop down. The size in the drop down must match the size of your banner. 

Banner Sizes:
300x250 (Medium Rectangle)
728x90 (Leaderboard)

Next you can browse your computer to upload your banner image or you can choose a path to your image and we will copy it to your account. 

As a note you can upload more than one banner size for your campaign and it is suggested to. The more inventory you upload the better chance you have of getting placed into our publishers newsletters. 

When adding more than one banner you can choose to use the same desination URL for each banner or you can choose to select "Use separate URL's". If you choose to use separate urls you will see a Destination URL field for each banner you upload. 

Note: Remember to use the full path of the url including the http:// or https://

Lastly you will want to set your start dates and end dates. For ease of use you can select the checkbox for starting immediately which means once your campaign has been approved by our administrator it will go live immediately. Also if you want to run your ad until your budget is complete you may choose to select "No End Date"

Click Next when your done. 

Step 6. Placing Your Ad Budget

Here you can set up your CPC budget. Our recommended bidding tool will give you an esitmated bid based on how much others are bidding in your category space.

You will see:
For medium exposure X  is the recommended bid
For maximum exposure X  is the recommended bid

You are able to control your ad spend by Day or by week. 

If you choose:
Daily Spend - A $10 minimum daily spend goal is required. 

Weekly Spend - A $100 minimum weekly spend goal is required. 

Click Next to continue to the last step. 

Step 7.  Payment Processing
We are now at the last step. Here you can enter your credit card information. We have options to alert you when your credit is low as well as autorenew to avoid interruption. In order to autorenew you will need to check off box to save billing information. 

Once done click PAY NOW and your are all set. If you already have made a payment and still have a balance you may choose to Skip Payment and Save. 

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