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Creating An Order For Private Marketplace
Creating An Order For Private Marketplace
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Note: This article applies to the Admailr Private Marketplace Only

  • Click ‘Campaigns’ from the Top Menu and select ‘ORDERS‘ 

  • Next select ‘CREATE NEW ORDER‘.

  • In the order settings enter the information required. Name – enter the name for this order

  • Select ESP–  field selection is needed because each esp has its own code for placing the ads. NOTE: If you don’t see your ESP please let us know and we will add it. 

  • Select type of code Options. Here you will want to select Private. Unless you are back-filling with Admailr ads then you will choose Both. 

  • Public – all active public ads from all advertisers in the system will take place in rotation.

  • Private – active private ads from selected campaigns will take place in rotation.

  • Both – first system works as “Private”. Once all campaigns are finished (by schedule or impressions limit), spot switches to “Public” typeOnce all parameters are set, hit the ‘Create Order button’, 

That's it!

That wasn't so hard was it? Any questions, let us know and Happy Admailing!

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