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Creating a Publisher Campaign (Line Item) in the Private Marketplace
Creating a Publisher Campaign (Line Item) in the Private Marketplace
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Note: This article applies to the Admailr Private Marketplace Only

  • Access your Publisher’s panel 

  • Choose Campaigns from the Top Menu and then Choose Private Campaigns

  • Once you are on the Private Campaigns page Select 'Create New Campaign'

  • Enter the Campaign Name (Similar to Line Item Name). You can put the newsletter name here. 

  • Enter the CPM for this Campaign (CPM = Cost Per 1000 Impressions)

  • Enter the Impressions Limit (Impressions are how many times it will be viewed)

  • Select your start and end dates for this campaign. You also have options to Start Immediately and No End Date. 

  • Select how you want to Deliver Impressions. You can choose to have your banners show evenly which means if you have 2 banners then they will show the same amount of times. You can choose Ad Campaign Evenly. This means it will go by the Ad campaign. So if you have 2 ads in 1 campaign and 4 in other campaign then each banner will rotate between 6 ads and distribute those 6 evenly. Lastly we have As Fast as possible and this basically means front load the ads so they get out first. This may be used in case you are using your ads and back-filling with other ads and you want these ads to use all impressions first. 

  • Select banner(s) that will be used for this campaign. To do this you will simply select the checkbox next to the banner. There is a magnifying glass there so you can preview the banner and if you named your banner with a good description you should be able to recognize it under the 'Banner Name'

  • Click Save to finish

Note: The banners will only show up if they are running in the Advertiser account. They are not visible if they are paused in the Advertiser account. We do this so you can pause a banner without having to update the generated tag code in the newsletter you will see later on.

  • Upon Save you will be brought back to the Private Campaigns screen where you will see either a green or blue status circle. Green means the campaign is “RUNNING” and blue means it is “Scheduled for a Future Date” . If you see a red circle it means the campaign is Paused. You can unpause a campaign by selecting the campaign and choosing “RUN CAMPAIGN

That's it!
That wasn't so hard was it? Any questions please let us know and Happy Admailing!

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