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Creating Private Ads in my Advertiser Account
Creating Private Ads in my Advertiser Account
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Note: This article applies to the Admailr Private Marketplace Only

  • Login to your Advertiser account

  • On the dashboard click ‘CREATE CAMPAIGN’ or you can select 'Manage' on the top menu and ‘CAMPAIGNS’ and then choose NEW AD CAMPAIGN.

  • After selecting Create Campaign you will go into Step 1 of the Wizard. Enter an Advertiser Name (this will be the name of the advertiser), 

  • Enter a Campaign name (banner name). This will be how you identify the banner. So use something that describes the banner itself. 

  • Select Visibility as Private. This is important. You want to make sure you are the only Publisher who can see thee ads.  

  • Click Create and this will move you to Step 2. 

  • In Step 2, choose the banner size you want to upload using the dropdown as shown below. 

  •  Next you will want to Upload your banner image. Select browse to browse through files on your computer. Once you find the file select it and choose UPLOAD

  • Enter your Destination URL – This is where the recipient will be redirected when he clicks on the banner also known as Landing Page URL or Link. Make sure to use the full path. i.e. Https:// and not just You will not be able to save unless the full path is inserted. 

  • When done hit ‘

  • . This will bring you to Step 3

  • In Step 3 you will select the GEO targetting of your Ads. As of right now we have US or ALL. We will be adding deeper GEO locations in future updates so look for those announcements. 

  • Select SAVE to finish. Upon save a pop up message will be displayed ‘Your Private Ads have been saved successfully. It is available in the Publisher account.’

  • After saving your campaign you will get an email notification that your campaign is ready to go.

That's it!

Let us know if you have any questions and Happy Admailing!

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